How Does Your Site Measure Up?

As if we needed another reminder that web usability has become an integral part of user experience – Google released a new service to test your site’s usability and speed on mobile and desktop. If you’ve been putting off the inevitable – checking your website for usability has never been easier. The highly user-friendly interface provides a simple prompt to enter your URL and within seconds, a full report of what is working and what needs to be optimized on your site is delivered. The tool is aptly named Think with Google and ‘grades’ webpages for multiple criteria including: Mobile Friendliness, Mobile Speed and Desktop Speed. This new tool is not only ideal in appealing to Google’s all important search rankings, but in ensuring that your website is up to date with the most ideal user experience possible. Even slight changes can make all the difference in bringing in new users and…

2 days ago

Designing Digital Experiences in Fashion

Marketing and brand strategy for fashion, lifestyle and luxury brands has now clearly shifted to a predominantly digital experience that goes far beyond an online purchase. To grow brand visibility and gain community engagement, the communication style requires a multi-dimensional, cross-channel approach with emotional content experiences at strategic touch points. Design companies are now fast becoming media companies – creating digital media experiences for fashion and lifestyle brands is, quite simply, necessary for survival. In designing the digital interfaces for fashion, the focus is on pushing the boundaries past the collection or product itself, to kinetic and visually rich media environments. The iteration of a fashion brand with a contextual virtual environment creates a storyline, nuance and complexity, moving the audience through a sensual and emotional experience. It’s the essential difference between linear advertising and creating content. Telling the brand story of a fashion label both visually and contextually requires well-defined, engaging and inspiring delivery from…

11 days ago

Reinventing Retail: Tapping Into Experiential Ecommerce

At one point in time, online purchasing was seen as simply a cheaper and more convenient source for goods and services than buying in-store. With the growth of Ecommerce, consumers now have touch points across both digital and in-store experiences to drive conversion and inform their purchases. Taking into consideration the emotional connection derived from an in-store experience, retailers and service providers offering Ecommerce can no longer operate on a basic one size fits all platform for their digital presence. From a customers perspective, the online buying experience now must authentically reflect, and be able to compete with a comparable in-store experience. These elements include an immersive experience that taps into in-store implementations by visually representing the company or organization across the digital journey, encouraging user connection and promoting engagement to the user throughout the entire pathway to conversion. Leveraging strong branding and insights – designers, marketers and business owners…

21 days ago

White Papers: A Marketing Tool for Greater Visibility

Designed to educate the market about a product or service, the white paper is a document that complements the selling process with authorotative facts crafted to inform the user and heighten their knowledge about the brand or organization. Some may say that the white paper could be swapped for more  flashy platforms such as video but theres arguably no better way to gain the trust of an audience than the use of this tried and tested format. With quality content and great design – a white paper can succeed in lead generation, heightened brand awareness and expert status. Traditionally, white papers are often populated with informational content including data, facts and graphs (usually infographics) and is commonly available as a download to select customers/stakeholders or email promotion to a prospective client base. White papers positioned as premium, fact-based content often succeed in generating some of the most conversion prone leads due to the level…

1 month, 13 days ago

Designing for Healthcare: Improving Patient-Provider Communication

Perhaps the most critically important industry to adopt a user-centered approach to design is that of healthcare. Personalized engagement is of the utmost importance to an environment where the relationship with between patient and provider can at times seem rigid and cold. The human factor in healthcare marketing has become essential in optimizing communications and improving processes. Not only does usability come into play with regard to content strategies, but brand storytelling must resonate with the user, reflecting authenticity and transparency. The most challenging aspect is to deliver a consistent and intuitive experience with the constant stream of updates and complex information that comes with the healthcare territory. This steady influx of essential patient messaging in healthcare communications demands a keenly collaborative focus on an ongoing basis to continually optimize the experience and reach the best outcomes. Patient engagement is now an essential element of the pharma and healthcare marketing mix – information,…

2 months, 4 days ago

Experience Is Everything

Experience can take many forms. Experience is all around us. Experience is the product. Experience is the best teacher. Experience is everything. Whether its conscious or fades into the background, an experience is the totality of many parts coming together to create a perception that is sensory, informational, useful and observational. We learn from experiences, and gain experience. Meaning, once we experience something, we are knowledgeable on the topic and able to form studied opinion, and if positive – returning with the knowledge to navigate it again. Taking into consideration the all encompassing nature of an experience, its no wonder that multiple types of experience strategies have taken hold in the digital environment. Its one thing to create an in person experience that can be controlled, but quite another to take a user down a path that truly reflects the brand or organization it represents without seeing the user in the flesh. A…

2 months, 17 days ago

Event Marketing: Getting it Right Every Time

Whether its an annual trade show, sales meeting, summit or exhibition – having a brand presence at industry conferences and trade shows is a necessary element of any event marketing strategy. More often than not, the lead up to an event is chaotic, consisting of late night runs to the printer, last minute strategy meetings and early flights. Creating a timeline leading up to the event, aligning a team on messaging and determining what collateral needs to be implemented will pay off in spades to deliver a more polished and successful effort. View our Trade Show Checklist Choose Wisely Holding, or attending a trade event is no cheap endeavor, but face to face contact with customer is an invaluable tool for product launches and business development. Looking it as an investment to the company’s bottom line is critical. Ensuring that the event cost fits into financial projections and cash flow…

2 months, 26 days ago

A Website Redesign for Better Usability

User experience and web usability are significant aspects of a websites core functionality that every company must pay attention to for the current and long term health of their organization. Usability, while seemingly invisible, encompasses everything from SEO, conversion ratios, user experience and authority in the market. Embarking on a usability path and building a strategy can be a challenging task, however it is one that will pay off in spades if implemented well and maintained through testing and optimization. The benefits of adopting a website usability optimization strategy through redesign will affect all those who come in contact with the company – from prospective and current customers to internal stakeholders. Following best practices from design to development to offer the ideal user experience can deliver an increased level of positive association and better bottom line to the brand it supports. What are the benefits of a usability redesign? Faster Conversion…

3 months, 3 days ago

New Design Trends that are Being Used to Create Impactful Annual Reports

With everything else that needs to be done in a company, it goes without saying that the average annual report design is often overlooked. For this reason, the typical company annual report is wordy, filled with industry jargon, and simply boring. You don’t have to treat your annual report as most companies do and treat it as a formality. It can be used as a channel to catch the interest of potential investors, help secure business partners, and act as a branding vehicle. They key is to use great design to present information that is engaging. A great way to center your annual report design is with a powerful story. You can center the report on your brand’s core story or if that has been overdone, center it around the most fascinating and relevant story your brand has gone through this year. This gives you a foundation on how the…

3 months, 11 days ago

A Better Content Management System for a More Agile Business

While it may not seem that choosing the right content management system has to do with branding authenticity, there is a clear connection. The fact is that most content management systems put in place fail because of human factors (i.e.) the system is too complicated, the user is inexperienced, there are too many steps, the specifications don’t fit the company and so on. While some multi step systems may work for one enterprise, it might not work for another. Choosing the right system can open up a world of possibilities in connecting with users as well as creating a more positive and knowledgeable internal culture. Even equipped with this information, the right content management systems are not being put into place. This is largely due to the fact that they are chosen in an artificial manner where the true needs of the organization are not considered. Aligning a company to the right…

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