Mapping the Customer Journey for the Ideal User Experience

Whether a marketer, UX designer or developer – the goal of understanding the user experience to engage and make conversions applies to all. There are many ways to gather information to more clearly understand the user with most becoming more advanced as greater importance is placed on UI/UX.It’s no longer enough to simply understand the basic needs of a user. A site must be designed and developed to cater to the actions and perceptions that occur at all touchpoints. To understand customers cross and omnichannel behaviors, the use of the customer journey map is ideal.  The use of customer journey mapping, for some, can seem cumbersome and time consuming. However, with increasing importance placed on user experience and expectations it has become a requirement for businesses to deeply understand and respond to the needs of their consumer. In reality, it’s a a valuable hands-on exercise that allows a team to gain a…

2 days ago

What’s Trending in UI: A Designer’s Perspective

Trends within the user interface landscape change rapidly as new ideas and innovations occur – so it’s critical to stay on top of whats new. Some new trends in the industry are brand new trials; others embrace the older and well-used methods, tweaking them slightly to adapt within the interface and new technological advancement. The following are some of the new (and critical) elements that have caught the eye of ux/ui designers industrywide. As always, with new ideas and implementations, testing is key to ensure each new design introduced is optimal for the site it is representing. Hidden Menu Navigation A website design trend that has really taken hold is the hidden (or hamburger) menu. This is the application of a site hiding their menu navigation when a visitor first lands on the main page. The hidden menu information becomes visible when the visitor is ready to move on to additional information and…

8 days ago

Trial and Error: UX Strategies to Experiment With

Everyone is thinking of their own ways to improve upon the user experience – since every organization, designer and developer has their own tried and true strategies in place, this idea diversification is remarkably constructive to the user and design community. Of course, every brand (whether a startup or an established organization) has a unique strategy, planned concisely to appeal to their own market segment(s) – while sticking to what works, it important to ‘change it up’ from time to time and experiment with new strategies to find a new pathway to better UX and conversion. Below are some roads less traveled that can result in the optimal experience when implemented and tested. Build Community Use actual evidence via social proof from clients that proves your value, getting them to elaborate on the services or product that you’ve provided them, and the excellent experience that came with it. You know…

16 days ago

Versions Receives Honorable Mention from Awwwards

Chicago, Illinois – Versions Collective, the creative collaboration from Artversion Interactive,  is pleased to announce an Honorable Mention Award from the Awwwards recognizing achievement in both the design and development of the VERSIONS™ website. This recent and exciting collaborative project by the agile team at ArtVersion was designed and developed fully in house, utilizing expertise in ux/ui strategies, usability, content and creativity. ‘Versions is truly a passion project, and we are beyond excited to be recognized by the digital design community.’ states Lynn Doherty, Director of Brand Strategy. ‘The team is currently in development with the next publication, and we look forward to bringing new ideas to the landscape.’ Awwwards recognizes the work of the best web designers, developers and agencies around the world. The evaluation system is based on 4 criteria — Design, Creativity, Usability and Content– with a ranking system from 1 to 10. Only those websites that receive a…

22 days ago

Positioning Your Content Marketing for Lead Generation

Creating great content is top of mind for an increasing number of companies looking to expand market share, and with that new content marketing plans are popping up like wildfire. It’s one thing to take great content, design a strategy and build an editorial calendar with countless activities – but quite another to position content that directly influences, and may even guarantee, a conversion. Because lead generation is a critical activity for all businesses (in fact, their livelihood), and many recent resources have been allocated to content strategy, businesses are putting all their lead-gen eggs in the content marketing basket. There are countless platforms to reach customers, however, the question arises – what works best to reach (and resonate with) business generating leads? White Papers/Thought Leadership White papers positioned as premium content often succeeds in generating some of the most conversion prone  leads. While it is free, companies that do well with…

23 days ago

5 Things You Can Do to Jumpstart a Corporate Brand Refresh

Does your corporate brand image need a change? Is your visual presentation out of date or do you need to change your position in the marketplace? If so, a corporate brand refresh may be in order. However, undergoing such a project is no small task. It will require an extensive strategy session, multiple design projects, and countless iterations. If you feel that you need a change now, it might be a more practical decision to make some quick immediate changes to feel it out. Here are five things that you can do for a quick jumpstart. 1. Come up with a new logo The most obvious thing to do start your corporate brand refresh is to come up with a new logo. Many business owners take this opportunity to come up with an entirely new logo. However, doing this may actually hurt you more than help you. The reason why…

28 days ago

Versions Collective recognized for Awwwards nomination

The VERSIONS™ Collective website has has been nominated for Site of the Day and consideration for publication in “The Best 365 Websites Around The World” for 2015 by Awwwards. The team at ArtVersion Interactive is pleased to announce the nomination of VERSIONS™ for Site of the Day by the Awwwards – recognizing the work of the ArtVersion firmwide creative collaborative initiative. “We are thrilled to bring Versions to the design community, and are honored to be included alongside some of the best creatives in the industry today,” – Goran Paunovic, founder and creative director of ArtVersion. For the next 6 days the esteemed Awwwards jury and the entire Awwwards community will vote on the site’s design, usability, creativity and content with voting ending on June 10th. The ‘Site of the Day’ will be announced thereafter with a culminating feature in the ‘Best Website’ publication. Awwwards recognizes the talent and effort of…

1 month ago

Tailoring Your Branding Strategy Based on the Influencer

If your goal is to partner up with influencers in your market, it’s ideal to tailor your message to their audience. While it is definitely easier to create a general customization based on multiple groups of audiences, it really does pay to tailor your message to each audience. In this case, you will want to tailor your brand to that audience to get the maximum ROI from your marketing campaigns. The challenge is in changing your branding strategy to suit each audience. To really get an idea of how to tailor your brand, you have to really study the audience you are creating a campaign for. Try to find what brands they are fans of and the reasons why they like those brands. Listen in on forum conversations and social media posts to learn what they are looking for. Just keep in mind that tailoring your branding does not mean…

1 month, 2 days ago

Monetizing Your Digital Content

With a sharp focus on content strategy and the reach of digital advertising, right now brands are at a great advantage to be able to position themselves to many users, increasing their market share exponentially. Linear advertising in the way of banner ads and pop ups via sale by click are no longer the preferred method as consumers have become bombarded with the noise of content that is not relevant to them. This is where the content marketing stream comes in. Marketers must shift their view to new ways to engage their users, and leveraging their content strategy for sales is key. Viewing content marketing as not only a way to communicate with consumers, but using it as an alternative to standard advertising is an emerging and effective platform to implement. A way to organically engage consumers, content marketing allows a brand to truly resonate their message with a user…

1 month, 5 days ago

Creating A More Agile Brand Through Content Strategy

Content is vital to designing the foundation for which a brand can begin to be followed and trusted. It’s why people come to websites in the first place and really the only reason why they might ever return. A truly effective content strategy shares information with consumers to help them improve their lives. It’s become increasingly clear that content is the cement that helps build an organization’s infrastructure and keeps the house from falling down. Brands, bloggers and businesses are constantly singing the praises of content marketing and how it can support a brand, but the crux of the issue is that few seem to truly understand what it is, what its main goals are, and at the base of it – how to go about developing an effective and sustainable plan around it. Because the prevalence of content strategy is growing, there is no hard and fast formula to employ – yet. However, it’s important to know that content is about more than…

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