5 Common Mistakes Made in Responsive eCommerce Design and Development

Are you planning on undergoing a major responsive design project for your eCommerce site? If so, it’s important that you become aware of the common mistakes that are made with responsive design. These mistakes can cost you a lot of time and money which is a big deal because you’re already in the middle of transitioning your website with the responsive move. 1. Not Optimizing for Speed Internet and processing speeds are much slower on mobile devices. That’s why you have to optimize your website for speed. This is especially the case with eCommerce sites that have tons of pages and images that are presented to users. To optimize for speed, you may have to condense your pages and redo your images so that they are smaller file sizes. This will improve the user experience which will make shopping on your site as seamless as it is on a desktop…

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The Ecommerce Effect: Meeting the Needs of a Digital Consumer

For any business, whether brick and mortar or solely web based, ecommerce is the name of the proverbial game. Online sales worldwide have reached an all time high in the trillions and it’s clear that the majority of consumers do much of their shopping, if not all, online. This trend is only on the upswing, and with that, technological developments must keep up to meet the demand. In a traditional face-to-face commerce setting, the saying goes ‘the customer is always right’ (albeit, at times begrudgingly), and large retailers as well as single store owners adopted a high-level customer service atmosphere. Similarly, in a web based purchasing context, user experience has taken precedence and customers reign supreme. In an ecommerce environment, the stakes are that much higher. Consumers are already privy to competitive prices, they are highly educated about any given product and there is still the hangup for some that they…

4 days ago

Setting A Strategy for Mobile Site Optimization

We’ve all known that mobile is rising quickly as a main platform for users across the board, but now the stakes are higher. Mobile usability will now count as a search ranking factor beginning this month (April 21st, to be exact), and now is the time to pay attention. Mobile search results will now reflect how mobile-friendly sites are, and if a website isn’t optimized for mobile browsing, it will most likely drop in ranking. Google has even gone so far as to send site owners warnings and errors as to as site’s issues with non mobile accessibility. The truth is that this has been an issue for some time – to remain relevant and competitive in the current digital landscape, a site must have a usable and engaging mobile presence. Mobile sites are different from regular sites, so there are a different set of best practices that you need to follow. It’s…

11 days ago

Delivering Your Best Work Through Collaboration

When most companies need branding work, the first thing they think about is finding the right designer for the job. A great designer is definitely capable of creating a solid design but cannot do all the heavy lifting with regard to strategy and planning. Creating an award winning design or campaign is a team effort. There are many parts of developing a brand that most people aren’t aware of, especially if the goal is to create an outstanding final product. This is where the benefit of working with a creative agency comes in. In branding and marketing strategy – as with many other industries – collaborative efforts typically have far better results than projects handled by only one person. Though collaboration has turned into a service based cultural buzzword seen all over the place (a little like innovation), its an elusive achievement that many don’t fully understand. The agency or team must be nimble…

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Elements of Successful Packaging Design Development

As the digital environment develops and expands – so does the packaging landscape. Much of what we see in the world of high fashion inspires what mass market retailers develop and even home decor – this is the same trickle-down effect from digital trends down to physical print packaging. From authentic/heritage graphics that connect with a personal aspect to minimalism/less is more/pure the immediacy of the digital world’s trending aesthetic is reflected on store shelves soon after. The assumption that packaging design is a task easily achieved is a falsehood. Encompassing many variables –  creative packaging development and production is a delicate balance. If not researched and implemented properly it can drastically compromise a company’s brand and ultimately – bottom line. A process that includes foundation building, expansive prototyping, supply chain alignment and in store testing is integral to avoiding the pitfalls that can hinder a successful packaging rollout. Foundations…

19 days ago

The Five Pillars of Design Simplicity

The process of designing and developing a site that is simple yet effective can be a daunting one. Many shy away from a minimalist approach to content and design because adding, rather than subtracting, is just easier. Distilling information down to the core meaning, while remaining coherent and resonant is a powerful approach and can mean, among many other benefits, a sustained level of heightened conversion and a better user experience. In our approach to simplicity, we have found that the initial decision to embark upon a pared down strategy requires a set of motivators for both the user and owner. Motivators are a significant driver of simplicity and provide a clear catalyst to choose this methodology ranging from improved legibility of design, the creation of perceived expertise and the fostering of a true connection made at a faster pace. Usability Simplicity does not automatically mean usability, but it can make the experience…

23 days ago

Branding Through Interface Design

When it comes to branding, it’s easy to go overboard with making sure that your brand has prominent presence in all of your interactions with prospects and customers. It’s probably a better idea to find a right balance so that you don’t let the brand overshadow other important aspects in your interactions. But one area of branding that companies often seem to overlook is their interface design. Whether it’s an app, actual product, or website, companies often go with a generic presentation and primarily focus on the functions and features. First, why is having your brand come through in the interface design even important? After all, it sounds like an unnecessary use of a marketing budget. That may be true if the intent of promoting the brand through the interface is to make sure that users are constantly reminded that they are using your brand’s product. And while that is…

28 days ago

How to Promote a Culture of Content in Your Company

Content marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies today because of the fact it helps with your branding initiatives, accelerates your SEO campaign, and helps you build an audience. For this reason, many companies opt to set up a team solely to implement this strategy. But it shouldn’t be just limited to such a team. Promoting a culture of content can help generate great ideas, increase production, and new strategies. You can start this by encouraging everyone to contribute and allowing anyone to contribute. Get rid of the perception that one needs to be a great writer to write a great piece or that one needs to have some kind of qualification as an expert. With that said, make sure that you create some guidelines so that everyone creates within the right publishing standards. You can really get this going by getting all the employees to blog and…

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Driving Business Growth Through Good Design

We exist in a design driven culture. It’s a catchprase that exists much like innovation culture. Both exist in delivering the elements that have become prerequisites in doing business today. It’s not only the aspects (logo, letterhead, website) of a brand that are masterfully crafted – the entire experience is designed from content to packaging, ideally creating a consistent and impactful product from A to Z. A design-driven approach to branding and user experience can a create lasting and positive impact, even making or breaking a conversion strategy. Through powerful and targeted design, a message can deliver more meaning to the audience, turning the users into brand advocates and ultimately rewarding the brand with longevity and the holy grail of a thriving business: the reference. ArtVersion founder and creative director Goran Paunovic recently discussed a design driven strategy with regard to branding that encompasses a total approach to a designed experience: “The whole…

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Building Site Architecture for Better SEO

People use the internet for everything, infusing it into brand strategy and necessary for everyday collaboration and client communication. Websites have become a crucial point for brands, providing an excellent user experience with a versatile website to go along with it. SEO assists search engines in finding, indexing and ranking your web pages according to relevance and page strength. Planning out your SEO makes a significant difference when it comes to leveraging your online traffic. Search engines are not human – this we know. As this is the case, there are only a narrow number of specifications that they can detect from the mass amount of content that is processed. The engines are however, constantly being optimized, and are capable of delivering a great deal of intuitions through sifting engagement numbers, user patterns and links to determine rankings about a specific site. Site Architecture is the foundation of SEO, and…

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