Here’s What’s Working in Web Design Today

Web design has come a long way over the last few years. What used to be accepted as normal can actually be something that makes you blend in with the masses rather than helping you stand out. That’s why you need to know what is working today to be relevant to your audience. So without further ado, here is a list of what design trends businesses are having success with and why. 1. Unique Web Typography The last font you should use is arial on your website. Not only is it hard to read on mobile devices, it is too aged and makes your site seem dated. Instead, you want to use unique font in your headers. For the actual content, you want something that is clean, neat, and visible. Aim for typography with some personality. If it fits with the look and theme of the website, it’ll be even…

4 days ago

Generating Leads Through Digital Content Marketing

It may be surprising to know that the majority of leads that actually result in conversion in todays market are derived from digital marketing efforts. Companies that engage in a lead generation strategy that consists of a focus on optimized content – whether purchased, personalized or organic – were much more profitable than those who implemented more traditional channels for their marketing approach. The problem is, that the the content of many companies, while informative, does not engage the user to learn more or be inspired to share with a larger audience. That’s where content marketing comes in.  A solid digital content strategy, when done well, becomes the most important relationship that a company shares with its audience. One that builds trust and develops a connection without actually being face to face, and must be nurtured over time. Allowing for successful ongoing lead generation and sustained business, company must constantly be producing a…

11 days ago

5 Ways to Build An Experiential Digital Brand

For a brand to make a truly authentic connection to a user, it must extend many aspects of its persona throughout the digital experience. From initial perceptions to emotions and behavioral responses – the more resonant the experience is, the deeper the loyalty between and brand and user will be. Forging these connections through a screen can be a challenge, even more so as mobile usage continues to rise. Its now more important than ever to implement a website design that captures the true messaging of the brand it represents. By using both visual, contextual, graphic and textual elements – a brand can make connections like never before. Leveraging new developments in technology and iterative design, a website can now be an immersive experience – leading users to faster conversion and higher engagement. Oversized Imagery For an immediate infusion of experience, the implementation of oversized images (often called mega images) on…

19 days ago

From Dawn to Data: Tapping Into Analytics To Optimize UX

Understanding user behavior in the digital environment is paramount to refining and optimizing a marketing strategy or new implementation. Through smarter analytics, a business can make decisions based on a user’s true wants and needs – delivering a more controlled and authentic experience. Equipped with these intelligent insights, the optimal technology can be implemented to achieve the ideal approach to a digital strategy. The main objective of web analytics is to take a close, in-depth look at a websites functions and determining the best implementations and calls-to-action based on that research that will drive more site traffic. An organization must identify what makes its website (and often accompanying microsites) attractive to viewers; once this process has been implemented, that information can be used to build a strong framework and better experience for the intended users. Analyzing web analytics is truly an intuitive process that can assist organizations in any industry…

27 days ago

Use Case: Creating A Digital Content Strategy

Creating a sustainable and regenerating approach to content is essential to effectively connect with various types of users across multiple channels and increase conversions. Consistent messaging is vital to designing the foundation for which a brand can begin to be followed and trusted, one of the main reasons why a user will visit in the first place and really the only reason why they might ever return. Taking into consideration vast market share of users, organizations must appeal to and connect with each segment in an authentic manner through a tailored content strategy. A truly effective content strategy shares information with consumers to help them improve their lives. It’s become increasingly clear that content is the cement that helps build an organization’s infrastructure and keeps the house from falling down. Brands, bloggers and businesses are constantly singing the praises of content marketing and how it can support a brand, but the crux of the issue is that few seem to truly understand how to implement a strategy, what…

1 month, 4 days ago

Implementing A Digital Personalization Strategy to Achieve Heightened Conversion

A digital approach to personalization, if orchestrated well, provides users with an experience that is specific to their interests and behaviors. A personalization strategy can range from the use of complex data usage –  which offers recommendations based upon viewing history, or a simple approach on a more customer service oriented platform. Delivering a successful personalization strategy can be very tricky if not planned and implemented with the detail that users expect. Many initiatives fall flat and result in increased user drop rates and decreased user satisfaction. The ideal personalization plan can bring many benefits to both the user and brand it is supporting. Driving higher conversion, the content provided to the user is highly useful and aids in saving the user time in searching for products or information they need. By connecting platforms and algorithms to cookies (or stored data), and aligning it with a user profile  – similarities and assumptions…

1 month, 10 days ago

How to Improve Common User Interface Elements for Better Usability

When it comes to UI design, most designers accept most user interface elements as they are. But improving these simple looking elements can lead to a big difference in your site’s web usability. One critical thing to remember is that users use the web by scanning and often miss out on what you may think are obvious website elements. Here are some common user interface you can improve to make sure your users get it right the first time around. 1. Collapsible and Expandable Content Collapsible and expandable content are very useful for many websites and especially so for mobile websites. They’re great for providing content in a way that doesn’t detract from the main content or the website’s visual presentation. Many websites use collapsible/expandable content but never clearly indicate that the user can interact with it. By clearly labeling the button to expand/collapse, you can make sure that your…

1 month, 11 days ago

Why Improve Visual Design to Improve Web Usability?

When a conversation about web usability comes up, it’s usually about making changes to elements that relate to task based interactions. The reality is that the visual presentation has a huge role in how users interact with a website. This may not seem evident because you are not really “using” how something looks. However, visual design has a big influence on the interactive elements of a website. A concept that will help you understand the Importance of web design is the idea of a visual path. When a user is presented with a website, they are given some sort of path on how to interact with a website. For example, a big headline and a link would indicate that they should pay attention to that area and possibly follow through. For this reason, you want to purposely create a design that presents a clear and obvious path for the user…

1 month, 16 days ago