Interaction Design: Connecting The Elements

In the rapidly and constantly changing landscape of both graphic and web design, Interaction Design is a continual evolution to connect the parts to create a system that is ideal for the user. In many ways, in the hierarchy of digital design, Interaction Design is the conduit and sum of all the parts. In breaking down the elements – whether text or imagery, Interaction Design creates a pathway to engagement through actions such as clicks, taps, swipes and signups that truly make the experience interactive. When applying interaction design to a project, designers must be keenly aware of touchpoints in the design that will trigger a response from the target user. Here, leveraging these emotions, the right calls to action can be implemented for heightened conversion. By looking closely at the human and digital connection, interaction design can optimize the flow of process by a user making apps and sites more user-friendly. The…


Positioning Your Annual Report as A Marketing Tool

With the beginning of the year, many companies, organizations and non-profits are gathering information for their annual report. For many, it’s become a task that is done with little changes and thus, little excitement. Contrary to popular belief, this necessary tool doesn’t have to be such a mundane pursuit. The benefits of the annual report are far reaching, and the organizations that require them know their value. While many boards and stakeholders do require this yearly snapshot, some organizations and companies have realized the marketing value of an annual report and choose to report their accomplishments through the report as an elective. For any group, whether seasoned or new to the annual report, it’s important to understand clear objectives of the report and why it is being published. Determining who the report will be distributed to and what goals need to be met to determine the ROI are critical places…

9 days ago

3 Roles that Your Web Design Plays in Your Digital Marketing

Is your web design fulfill its role in your digital marketing? If you’re like many marketers, you may be wondering about the meaning behind this question. While you may see web design as mainly having a presented oriented purpose, it has many roles in digital marketing. Here are a few examples to help you understand why different designs are needed for different purposes. 1. Content Consumption and Proliferation While the quality of your content and the copy used to capture the user’s attention has the biggest impact on whether your content is consumed or shared, the design is also important. Proper formatting, site layout, share buttons and your font all have a role in how users interact with your content. For example, did you know that simply changing your font style and size can increase readability drastically? This can especially be impactful if you have a responsive site and you…

16 days ago

From UI/UX to Usability

Here are some simple fixes that you can apply to your site today. User Experience (UX Design) 1. Test for simplicity and proper functionality. Does your shopping cart correctly adjust to users adding or removing items? Do actions on your site provide a clear solution and are they instantly rewarding to users? Are there any browsing activities that are redundant? Use and test your site extensively to find any elements that might take away from the browsing experience. 2. Make sure your content is properly formatted. There is a world of a difference between a piece content that’s formatted properly and one that’s not. It’s not just about using line breaks between paragraphs and making sure proper punctuation is used. It’s about making an impact with the content by breaking up apart so that the lead gets proper attention, important parts of the content are highlighted, sub-topics are broken up…

17 days ago

Web Design Trends to Be Aware of in 2016

2015 saw the popularization of many web design trends such as storytelling centered design, unique typography, and minimalism. Many of these designs were effective in getting visitors to focus on the content and less on the visual aspects of the site. Despite that, these designs still produced attractive designs reminiscent of focus and minimalist elegance. With 2016 in sight, there are new emerging trends that are standing out. Some may work wonders for your site while some may be lackluster. Let’s take a look into what we can expect. The first trend that’s been on the spot light is the hamburger menu. This is basically a menu that pops up when users click on a square with three bars in the middle (hence the name). The great thing about this icon and menu design is that it creates more free space and puts more emphasis on the main content. This…

24 days ago

How Web Design Affects Marketing Initiatives

Are you planning on launching a marketing initiative soon? While you may have worked on all the aspects of the campaign from the audience targeting, copy, to the brand, but you may not have put enough work into the actual design. This is a common mistake that is made in many companies due to the desire to minimize spending on other aspects of a campaign that isn’t marketing. Design in marketing is important for several reasons as it impacts marketing in many ways. For example, web design can have a strong influence on conversions. Everything from improving user interface and user experience, by changing the layout, rearranging the action points, and presenting visuals in a unique way can produce small lifts in conversions. Sometimes, testing designs may only result in a small increase in conversions. But when you experiment with multiple elements and figure out what other elements improve conversions….

1 month, 7 days ago

5 Essential Website Features to Have in 2016

From search engine guidelines to software updates, the terrain of the online world is changing constantly – and 2016 – it seems will be no exception. At the top of every companies marketing strategy for 2016 should be a handful of essential elements that a website must have to be competitive. Whether looking to optimize an existing site or starting from the ground up, these features are non-negotiable. #1: Responsive Design Responsive web design (RWD) is the process of constructing your website so that no matter what screen size a visitor is using your website will respond and self adjust to fit that screen size. Responsive Design is incredibly important for many reasons. Honestly, if your site doesn’t include this feature yet – run, don’t walk to a team that can implement this for you STAT. In addition to making your site accessible from any screen, google is now requiring that…

1 month, 14 days ago

Are You Experienced?

Its one thing to deliver a great product, but can you back it up with a total brand experience? Industry research leader (Gartner) predicted that by 2016, 89 percent of companies would expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience (CX). The problem is that most organizations either   lag in their customer experience strategy, or worse, don’t have one at all. Whether consumer or business, its no surprise that for a product to take off it needs to work efficiently and be designed well. Despite being critically important aspects of delivering a great product, they aren’t the only factors that lead to success. To truly deliver an experience that will optimally serve the user and brand over time, both user experience and customer experience strategies must be put in place. Because customer experience and user experience (UX) are often implemented side by side or in a phased approach,…

1 month, 23 days ago

Redefining User Experience for the Offline Brand

It shouldn’t be surprising that the majority of interaction done with a brand today is via the digital experience. From discoveries to first impressions to ultimate conversions, a meaningful relationship between consumer and brand can successfully, and solely exist – online. For businesses, the ability to market to users at any time or day in a targeted way via data has shifted the way we do business, created an expanded market reach and is even changing the way we communicate, on and offline. Naturally then, with so much focus and importance placed on an optimized user experience in a digital environment, much of the resources put towards marketing today are now directed toward web redesigns, UX/UI and content strategies. This is with good reason as ecommerce is on the rise and users are now performing much of their business via mobile. This digital-physical blur has caused technology to become a cornerstone…

2 months, 5 days ago

7 Tools to Boost Online Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Campaigns, promotions, sales, marketing pushes – however you name it – the holidays are upon us and with that a barrage of offers, steals and deals that are too good to pass up and some that fall flat. Many consider the holiday shopping season to be a make-or-break proposition with a strong online sales season having the capacity to set the financial tone for the whole year ahead. With a somewhat soft Black Friday in the books, its clear that shoppers are opting out of the in store rush (even choosing to #optoutside by suggestion from REI). This does not mean that those couch huggers and tree huggers are choosing to forego the deals, it just means the number of people who are shopping online is increasing- and the longtime tried-and-tested marketing model has is beginning to shift. With over an 11% increase in online sales expected over last year via Adobe’s predictive…

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2 months, 14 days ago