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5 Reasons to Use Visual Storytelling for Web, Print and Marketing

There is a rising trend of using visual storytelling to sell products, educate consumers, and connect with audiences. This comes as no surprise as visual elements make content pop to eyes in a way that text alone simply cannot. While visual storytelling is pretty common in the digital medium, it’s not used as much in other marketing channel. If you haven’t used visual storytelling or have only used it in a limited manner, here are five reasons why you should increase its usage it in all mediums. Reason #1: You Can Convey Complex Concepts in a Simple Manner Sometimes, it can be difficult to convey complex concepts to an audience. For example, how do you explain that your headphones feature a technology that produce a crisper yet balanced sound? With the use of visual aids and short explanations, it will be people to understand the concept and even buy into…

3 months, 15 days ago

Adaptive Web Design – What Is It and Should You Care About It?

For quite some time now, responsive design has been the talk of the town. However, adaptive web design has been creeping up in conversations more and more. Adaptive design has the same purpose of responsive design which is to deliver the optimal browsing experience by serving the site for the user’s device. It differs in that adaptive design is about customizing a website to deliver the relevant viewing format whereas responsive rearranges an existing website to display the optimal viewing format. This explanation may sound confusing, so it’s best to provide you with some examples. Instead of segmenting different parts of a website to format it differently, adaptive design delivers a set version of a website that’s optimized for the user’s OS, browser and device. It also delivers the website from the server side as opposed to the client side setup from responsive where the user’s browser formats the website….

3 months, 18 days ago

When Less is More: Minimalist Web Design

Information has become prevalent and even numbing – so it’s vital to deliver on-point messaging through knock out design. The best way to get a foot in the proverbial door is thorough visual presentation. Messaging that is straightforward, paired with simple design can prove to be more valuable than those filled with unnecessary intricacies. The user will will respond to minimalist approach intuitively absorbing the visual, and becoming immersed in what truly matters: the information. Engaging graphics and confident, coordinated colors that embody the company vision without needless clutter. Catch and hold the eye with a clear, unique company message. Appeal to the human need for easily found content, appealing to visual memory and engagement. How to make yourself unforgettable in this dynamic and busy market? Ramp up your visual presentation while keeping it clean, crisp and clear. Develop a quick, catchy message that draws the eye and holds it. Consistency draws to the visual center of the brain and positively adds to the user experience….

4 months, 18 days ago

Design Can’t Fix Bad Content

Content is vital to designing the foundation for a which a brand can begin to be followed and trusted. It’s why people come to websites in the first place and really the only reason why they might ever return. A truly effective content strategy shares information with consumers to help them improve their lives. It’s become increasingly clear that content is the cement that helps build an organization’s infrastructure and keeps the house from falling down. Brands, bloggers and businesses are constantly singing the praises of content marketing and how it can support a brand, but the crux of the issue is that few seem to truly understand what it is, what its main goals are, and at the base of it – how to go about developing an effective and sustainable plan around it. Because the prevalence of content strategy is growing, there is no hard and fast formula…

5 months, 13 days ago

UX for Ecommerce: What To Know

Ecommerce remains one of the most important fields of web service, astonishing everyone with the rapid developments in technology and integration with new marketing concepts. A truly successful ecommerce platform attracts and retains many users, and combines a pleasant shopping experience with a low-cost and optimal way of advertising. What Users Are Looking For 

 Internet users are looking for the ideal ecommerce experience. But what does that truly mean? Let’s look deeper into what it means to provide a great user experience. 

 Many companies boast that their software is superior while remaining low cost – but consumers are encouraged to remember that you get what you pay for! Unfortunately, with cheap software comes low functionality, and customers will not be pleased with the experience as a result. When users have trouble interacting with your site, they will quickly move on to more efficient options – and the resulting…

5 months, 22 days ago

What You May Be Overlooking When It Comes to eCommerce User Interface Design

A well designed user interface makes a world of a difference for eCommerce sites. It can improve the conversion rate, make it easier for users to find what they are looking for, builds trust and credibility, and makes browsing through the site a breeze. Because eCommerce sites are some of the most complex types of sites you can build, you need to put in a lot of thought, planning and effort into creating a UI design that facilitates and prompts action. Of course, the fundamentals of great UI design are simple. You create a well designed header with your company or brand name for the very top part of your site, set up important top of the fold navigation links underneath your header, and lay out a left hand navigation menu for more targeted navigation links. But if it’s so simple, why are so many online merchants still experiencing high…

6 months, 20 days ago

Web Usability: Where to Begin

Are you looking to improve web usability but don’t know where to start? Web usability is about trying to make sure that your website is as intuitive and easy to use as possible. Trying to decide on a course of action isn’t clear when there are so many things to work on. If you know that your website needs an overhaul, here are some areas that you can change to yield big changes in your results. It’s always a good idea to work on your accessibility issues. Ensure that your website loads quickly and is compatible with the major browsers. To cater to the ubiquitous mobile device usage, you also want to set up a mobile version of your website as well. You want to focus on all the possible things that can prevent users from using your website to start with. The next logical step is to clean up…

6 months, 27 days ago

5 Reasons to Invest in WordPress Web Development and Design

By now, you’ve probably heard about the many benefits of running WordPress as your CMS platform. In fact, you may already be running WordPress right now on your website. But while WordPress is a low entry platform that can be adapted for both small and developed businesses, it seems that very few companies are investing in WordPress web design and development. If you’re already using some free theme or third party theme for your WordPress site, here’s are some strong reasons to invest in development. Reason #1: Uniqueness Counts Even if your website looks and functions okay, it won’t help you stand out from other websites and competitors. By investing in developing your own unique theme, you get to create a presentation that lets people instantly know that you’re different from other websites and there’s something more for them to explore. You are also allowing your brand to shine, especially…

7 months, 6 days ago

WordPress for Magazine Publishers

Why WordPress Is The Perfect Platform for Small and Large Magazine Publishers As a publisher, it becomes difficult to manage and update a site due to the amount of content that is being added on a regular basis. WordPress is the perfect platform if this is the kind of business you are running or building. While it looks very simple when you set it up right out the box, you can transform it to a publishing site that rivals some of the most well known sites with the right customizations. Here are some of the reasons why WordPress should be you go-to platform as a publisher. Reason #1: It’s Easy to Manage and Publish Content With a single click, you can publish your content to your website and also quickly make edits if necessary. The interface is intuitive and easy to get used to. You can also categorize your content…

7 months, 8 days ago

Brand Refresh – Starting With Your Web Design

Your brand is no longer a stationary element in a static market place. Companies must evolve faster than ever, delving deep into their culture and vision and seeing who they really are as an organization. Every market goes through changes and transitions – if companies want to remain afloat and swim ahead of the current, they must ensure that their brand is keeping up with the (often escalated) pace. Organizations that have been in the industry for years can derive enormous benefit from a brand refresh and re-organizing process. Often regarded as daunting, the process is actually interesting and fun while allowing your company and its employees to re-evaluate their image and gain a competitive edge. Some aspects of your brand that needed tweaking are now brought into light and can be successfully and efficiently changed!

 Do not be apprehensive about the brand refresh process – it is crucial to…

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