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The Importance of Aligning Your Website Design with a Corporate Marketing Strategy

Is your website design meeting the needs of your corporate marketing strategy? Right now, you may have an outstanding looking web design but it may actually be counterproductive to your marketing strategy. When it comes to design, many companies focus on the brand, the website conversion goal, and even trying to get the visitor to take some kind of action. Those are legitimate focus points to design a site around but not necessarily ideal and only ones you should focus on. To help you understand, let’s look at the strategy of SEO. If the core marketing strategy is to use the search engines to generate traffic, then the website must be aligned for that goal. The website must be optimized, the code behind the website has to be SEO friendly, and the website must load quickly. Many website owners often make small mistakes because they have multiple goals for the…

7 months, 3 days ago

User Experience – Should You Even Care?

User experience is a pretty hot topic in the design industry but is it really for everyone? There are a large number of sites that are designed simply for conversion. They ignore UX design altogether because it takes away from the capital they’re going to use for their advertising and marketing campaigns. After all, if the conversion focused designs are working, why change the focus to UX? There are several reasons why UX matters ever if it doesn’t seem to matter for you right now. 1. It helps establish a brand. Brands know that the better experience their audience gets, the larger their brand equity gets. After a certain point, you have to think at a bigger level to get your business ahead and branding is one of the best ways to do it. Branding through imagery alone lacks substance. Projecting the right message and imagery will get you started…

7 months, 16 days ago

How to Properly Relaunch Your Website with a Brand Refresh

Planning on relaunching your newly rebranded website? There’s probably a ton of things that you’ve already worked on to ensure that your brand refresh goes off without a hitch. However, there are a few small important details that you may miss. Here are some things that you should be aware of as you get into launching your newly branded website. 1. Audit your website extensively. Make sure you fix all the errors, set up 301 redirects, remove the old components of your brand/website, and ensure everything is consistent with the new brand refresh. You should have a small group of people audit your website before your launch to work out all the little kinks. 2. Let your audience know it’s still you. Launching your new brand and website is not a smooth transition so let your customers know why you changed your image and what you stand for now. Don’t…

7 months, 29 days ago

Why a Digital Agency Should Be Your Go-to Solution for Your Next Project

Are you trying to develop a new website, redesign your product, create a new brand, or launch an online marketing campaign? Many enterprises and business opt to do it themselves or hire a freelancer to save money on their project. However, it may be a better idea to go with a digital agency. You can avoid the frustrations and pitfalls that many business owners face with the other options. Why go with a digital agency? First, a great agency has worked with worked with numerous clients already. They know how to be professional and strategic with your project. They’re not going to just “wing it” with your project. The agency will have done a similar project already and can will have a clear plan of action. This means that you won’t have to waste time or money when a mistake is made. Second, working with an agency is like working…

8 months, 4 days ago

Is Ambiguity Really Bad When It Comes to Creative Work?

When it comes to working with a creative agency the premise is that the agency should know exactly how to proceed with the project. But if you look at it clearly, all projects are different and all brands/companies require a unique approach. Sometimes it just comes down to a situation where not everything can be meticulously planned and crafted. But is this kind of ambiguity necessarily a bad thing? Not exactly. Ambiguity means not knowing how everything should come together. It doesn’t mean that the agency will be stuck without any way to proceed. If you know the creative agency has a track record of having produced great results for their clients, then you’re probably in good hands. It just comes down to you embracing ambiguity if the agency can embrace it. With embracing ambiguity comes the ability to embrace all kinds of possibilities. Because both you as the client…

8 months, 12 days ago

Experimental Web Development Techniques and Trends You Should Consider

Web development has come a long way in just the last few years alone. Responsive design has become the standard and there has been a shift towards simpler designs. Technology has also made it more viable for websites to be more interactive with its users. There are tons of new web development techniques that the web design/development industry is talking about with all the new advancements. If you want to improve your UI and UX, here are some experimental and trendy techniques you should test out. 1. Conditional Loading Do you have a feature-rich or media-rich site? If so, one of your constant worries is probably if your websites load quickly enough for your users (especially the mobile ones). This problem can be solved with conditional loading. Rather than loading the entirety of a page, you can just load elements when needed. For example, if your social buttons are on…

9 months, 18 days ago

Here’s What’s Working in Web Design Today

Web design has come a long way over the last few years. What used to be accepted as normal can actually be something that makes you blend in with the masses rather than helping you stand out. That’s why you need to know what is working today to be relevant to your audience. So without further ado, here is a list of what design trends businesses are having success with and why. 1. Unique Web Typography The last font you should use is arial on your website. Not only is it hard to read on mobile devices, it is too aged and makes your site seem dated. Instead, you want to use unique font in your headers. For the actual content, you want something that is clean, neat, and visible. Aim for typography with some personality. If it fits with the look and theme of the website, it’ll be even…

9 months, 29 days ago

How to Improve Common User Interface Elements for Better Usability

When it comes to UI design, most designers accept most user interface elements as they are. But improving these simple looking elements can lead to a big difference in your site’s web usability. One critical thing to remember is that users use the web by scanning and often miss out on what you may think are obvious website elements. Here are some common user interface you can improve to make sure your users get it right the first time around. 1. Collapsible and Expandable Content Collapsible and expandable content are very useful for many websites and especially so for mobile websites. They’re great for providing content in a way that doesn’t detract from the main content or the website’s visual presentation. Many websites use collapsible/expandable content but never clearly indicate that the user can interact with it. By clearly labeling the button to expand/collapse, you can make sure that your…

11 months, 5 days ago

Why Improve Visual Design to Improve Web Usability?

When a conversation about web usability comes up, it’s usually about making changes to elements that relate to task based interactions. The reality is that the visual presentation has a huge role in how users interact with a website. This may not seem evident because you are not really “using” how something looks. However, visual design has a big influence on the interactive elements of a website. A concept that will help you understand the Importance of web design is the idea of a visual path. When a user is presented with a website, they are given some sort of path on how to interact with a website. For example, a big headline and a link would indicate that they should pay attention to that area and possibly follow through. For this reason, you want to purposely create a design that presents a clear and obvious path for the user…

11 months, 10 days ago

Understanding the Relationship between User Experience and Web Usability

Web usability and user experience are both essential to a success of a website. Based on ideas that you have gotten about web usability, you may think that web usability is basically a synonym for user experience. The accurate definition is that usability is about how easy it is to use something. Just because something is easy to use does not mean it will lead to a positive experience. Of course, the easier it is to use something, the more it moves towards a positive experience. However, usability is about task-based interactions, removing obstacles to users, and making using the thing more easy and intuitive. User experience is about how users feel when they use the thing. This can easily be correlated to how much value they derive from the experience. A smartphone app can be the perfect way to provide an example of how both concepts differ but are…

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