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Up Close And Personal: Putting the Individual Back into User Persona Development

An important element of usability testing for web design and development is the practice of persona crafting that can be studied to gather crucial information, benefiting the user interface and user experience designs. Often overlooked in the initial stages of website planning, design and development – the practice of developing user personas is a keystone of delivering an experience that is truly tailored to it’s user. The majority of information in the development of user personas is through testing. These tests involve the close observation of selected participants as they maneuver through a site at their own pace, for the purpose of identifying any usability issues or problems. Once these issues have been discovered, a brand can determine the participants’ satisfaction with the website or product. The driving intention is to collect as much data as possible in order to enhance and perfect user experience. Creating realistic representations of your key audience segments involves investing…

4 months, 25 days ago

The Connection Between Corporate Website Design and Branding Aspects

When it comes to corporate web design, many corporations overlook the purpose of branding and focus too much on themselves. If you look at the websites of several corporations, you’ll find that many of them talk about what they do, their past history and what they’re doing now. The atmosphere is often cold, dull and boring. It’s no wonder that these websites spark very little interest. These websites lack a strong brand identity that connects the audience to their companies. If you think about it, there isn’t much that distinguishes similar websites in a given market. They sell similar products, are designed similarly and have a similar website structure. What’s going to differentiate these websites is having a strong brand identity that resonates with their audience and creates an emotional impact. This identity is what will get people to do business with a business over another competing business. The problem…

5 months, 4 days ago

5 Common Mistakes Made in Responsive eCommerce Design and Development

Are you planning on undergoing a major responsive design project for your eCommerce site? If so, it’s important that you become aware of the common mistakes that are made with responsive design. These mistakes can cost you a lot of time and money which is a big deal because you’re already in the middle of transitioning your website with the responsive move. 1. Not Optimizing for Speed Internet and processing speeds are much slower on mobile devices. That’s why you have to optimize your website for speed. This is especially the case with eCommerce sites that have tons of pages and images that are presented to users. To optimize for speed, you may have to condense your pages and redo your images so that they are smaller file sizes. This will improve the user experience which will make shopping on your site as seamless as it is on a desktop…

5 months, 10 days ago

Building Site Architecture for Better SEO

People use the internet for everything, infusing it into brand strategy and necessary for everyday collaboration and client communication. Websites have become a crucial point for brands, providing an excellent user experience with a versatile website to go along with it. SEO assists search engines in finding, indexing and ranking your web pages according to relevance and page strength. Planning out your SEO makes a significant difference when it comes to leveraging your online traffic. Search engines are not human – this we know. As this is the case, there are only a narrow number of specifications that they can detect from the mass amount of content that is processed. The engines are however, constantly being optimized, and are capable of delivering a great deal of intuitions through sifting engagement numbers, user patterns and links to determine rankings about a specific site. Site Architecture is the foundation of SEO, and…

6 months, 20 days ago

5 Platforms for Effective Digital Storytelling

Visual storytelling, when combined with the right measure of image and often sound, creates a level of connection and intrigue that no other technique can achieve. Emotion, anticipation and stimulation reward the active participant with a resulting heightened engagement for the site owner.  Alternately, average content puts the user in a passive mode where they either consume the content or leave the website altogether. Visual stories, on the other hand, are interactive and get people to commit themselves to your story. There are several effective platforms to apply visual storytelling in the digital environment. Working with a content team to develop stories and narrative around the brand, and a creative team to implement the visuals will deliver the best outcome. Text Storytelling via textual methodologies can be effective, however, the content must be relevant and cohesive. Taking into consideration the idea of cognitive fluency, many users only read about 20%…

7 months ago

Today We Are Designing User Experiences

In most scenarios, websites are created to meet the goals of a business. The common thought is that creating it from a different perspective detracts from meeting the goals of the business, but that does not have to be a reality. Many businesses are starting to embrace the perspective of the user and experimenting (even fully adopting) with user centered design. Why is such importance being placed on the customer experience when working with websites? Naturally, the web has gone through many evolutions and users are hyper aware of the fact that they’re being marketed to on a regular basis. That doesn’t mean that approaching prospects and customers from a direct marketing angle will not work (it still does). It just means that prospects and customers are looking for something more and are more likely to move towards businesses that offer them a great experience. To prove this point, you…

7 months, 3 days ago

Corporate Site Design – How to Approach a Redesign Project

Has that inevitable time to redesign the corporate website come upon you? As your company grows, changes are needed and reflecting it on your website is often one of the most critical steps to moving forward. The problem is that changing when you’ve gotten comfortable with the status quo can be scary and confusing. You don’t know what to change, where to start, or how to go about doing it. Here are some guidelines that can help you get over the hurdle if you’re in the state of mind. #1 Create One Main Goal After a while, it becomes inefficient for your main website to serve multiple goals. That’s why it’s important to create one main goal that will dwarf everything else. It might be to communicate brand values to a mass audience or provide valuable information for your customers. What’s critical here is that you are clear on what…

7 months, 13 days ago

Using Responsive Web Design and UI Elements The Right Way

If you are run an eCommerce business or depend on mobile traffic for your business, you’ve probably been hammered the benefits of responsive design into your head one too many times. If you tried to convert your site into a responsive one or have at least experimented with it, then you know that it’s easier said than done. The concept of a responsive website makes sense, but using a responsive website will not guarantee you an increase in sales or traffic if it’s not implemented correctly. The reason why is because responsive requires great UI design to work well. Without great UI, your new responsive site may perform even worse than its previous incarnation. That means that investing in responsive design requires that you also invest in great design. It’s not a simple matter of using an online tool or software that instantly converts your website into a responsive format….

7 months, 14 days ago

Interactive Design: Tips for Creating Interaction on Sites

The future of content or even web design could possibly be interaction and engagement. With everybody trying to compete for the user’s attention, it’s becoming more important to find ways to engage your audience. Adding interaction was always a risky endeavor because there was a high possibility that users would abandon the website due to browser conflicts and loading issues. Interaction is no longer a problem because most browser are up to date and the majority of web users are on high speed internet. This doesn’t mean that making your website completely interactive is the solution. You need to exercise balance and still keep the focus on great design. Everybody has seen examples of sites that went overboard and ending up losing their audience (and possibly a large chunk of their budget too). With that said, the idea of providing a unique and possibly entertaining experience to your users can…

7 months, 22 days ago

5 Reasons to Use Visual Storytelling for Web, Print and Marketing

There is a rising trend of using visual storytelling to sell products, educate consumers, and connect with audiences. This comes as no surprise as visual elements make content pop to eyes in a way that text alone simply cannot. While visual storytelling is pretty common in the digital medium, it’s not used as much in other marketing channel. If you haven’t used visual storytelling or have only used it in a limited manner, here are five reasons why you should increase its usage it in all mediums. Reason #1: You Can Convey Complex Concepts in a Simple Manner Sometimes, it can be difficult to convey complex concepts to an audience. For example, how do you explain that your headphones feature a technology that produce a crisper yet balanced sound? With the use of visual aids and short explanations, it will be people to understand the concept and even buy into…

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