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Creative Agency – Creating a Cool Factor for Your Brand

With large marketing platforms like blogs and social media, building awareness for a brand has become easier than ever. Despite that, many brands still fall short in getting the kinds of results they’re after. They still can’t manage to create conversations on their blog, build followers for their Facebook pages, or get industry coverage for their brand. Too many brands think that the problem lies in marketing, so they continuously invest their budget into marketing with minimal results.

If you’ve experienced the same frustrations, then it may be time to hire a creative agency to create a cool factor for your brand. The biggest shifts in branding often come from positioning. A creative agency can help you change the way your brand is perceived through the process recreating the visual presentation and approaching the target audience from a different angle.

One of the main things that can be done and that is very successful approach for brand refresh is to redesign a website to reflect current trends. It may be necessary to change the core visual elements of your brand or even the strategic angle of your brand first. From there, the web design and other foundational parts of your brand’s visual presentation can be changed to embody what your brand is about. This visual branding angle goes beyond the basic visual representation of your brand and incorporates the elements that express your brand into the very design.

The next thing that can be done is changing the approach. Rather than try to talk about the brand or corporation, you can create a brand narrative. You can engage your audience with a storytelling angle to draw them into your brand. This can be quite challenging as you will have to talk about your brand in a way that provides value to the user. There are several ways to go about doing this.

One way is to go in depth about your products or services by taking the user behind the scenes into the production. Another way is to tell a story about how a customer benefited from using your products or services. It’s important to make sure that this storytelling angle isn’t a disguised sales pitch about the value of your brand. There’s a fine line between a promotion and an interesting story, so you need to make sure you get it right. The end goal is to get your audience to relate to the story and consequently your brand.

To make the story really stand out, the design has to really shine. The graphic design will need to exemplify aspects of the story. This includes imagery of the story, the correct color schemes, and your brand’s visual elements. It may also be helpful to use unique design methods such as parallax design or multimedia elements to draw people in.

Going through this whole process can really reposition your brand and create either a cool or likeability factor that didn’t exist before. Once you have this strong foundation set up, you can then move forward with your advertising and marketing campaigns to promote the brand. You’ll find that the response your brand generates from your efforts will be dramatically better than it was before.

Parallax, Storytelling and More: New Web Trends that are Making Companies Rethink Design

There are many new web trends that are making companies rethink their web design. These new design approaches are changing the way users interact with websites, users identify with the company brand, and how engagement is created. A few of the trends that are making waves include Parallex, storytelling and brand focused design.

What You Need to Know About Parallax Design

What is it? – Parallax design is a method of design that uses multiple layers of graphics at different speeds to create an animation. As the user scrolls down with his mouse, the images come together to create an animated presentation.

How it’s being used – This design method has been used for promotion websites, content marketing campaigns and sales pages. One of the best examples of it being used is a comic strip where the characters and the background is moving as you scroll down, resembling a flip book animated cartoon.

Results – Some of the biggest brands including Apple have used this design method to showcase their products with great results. The design method really makes a sales page interactive and allows companies to portray multiple aspects of their products to really wow potential customers.

What You Need to Know About Storytelling

What is it? – Storytelling focused design uses visual presentation and content to draw users into the website. There whole point is to provide a story oriented setting and use progression to engage users deeper throughout the browsing experience. A good example of story oriented content is infographics. It uses graphics along with content to draw people in and provide a structure for them to consume the content.

How it’s being used – Companies like Yahoo! Personals have used stories to sell prospects on their dating subscription. Other companies have used it to explain concepts, products and services which would otherwise be too complex or tedious for users to consume. Some companies are using stories to connect people to their brand message.

Results – Designing via stories is one of the hottest web design trends for a reason. It doesn’t hard sell consumers about a product or service. Stories are used to inform, entertain and educate people, which can often translate to higher sales numbers and engagement than traditional direct selling strategies.

What You Need to Know About Brand Oriented Design

What is it? – Gone are the days of stale corporate websites with no personality. Brands are now incorporating their identity into the foundation of their websites. Not only are these websites more visually appealing, they are engaging, interesting, valuable and impactful.

How it’s being used – Companies are now integrating the visual elements and core message of their brand into the design itself. It’s not just about leading with the brand logo and expecting people to be impressed anymore. The web design encompasses the brand and does it in a way where users can understand and relate to it.

Results – This design approach is helping consumers identify more with the brand. It’s increasing user engagement and helping brands differentiate themselves from their competitors. It’s also leading to more social shares, referrals, and press.

There are other design trends that you should be aware of such as minimalist design, “hero board” design, big visual backgrounds, and multimedia centered presentations. While the old approaches still work, companies that are willing to experiment will reap huge rewards in today’s digital arena. People are becoming receptive to these new design approaches because they are being engaged in unique ways. So the question you need to ask yourself is “what design approach should my company try?”

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