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Positioning Your Content Marketing for Lead Generation

Creating great content is top of mind for an increasing number of companies looking to expand market share, and with that new content marketing plans are popping up like wildfire. It’s one thing to take great content, design a strategy and build an editorial calendar with countless activities – but quite another to position content that directly influences, and may even guarantee, a conversion. Because lead generation is a critical activity for all businesses (in fact, their livelihood), and many recent resources have been allocated to content strategy, businesses are putting all their lead-gen eggs in the content marketing basket. There are countless platforms to reach customers, however, the question arises – what works best to reach (and resonate with) business generating leads? White Papers/Thought Leadership White papers positioned as premium content often succeeds in generating some of the most conversion prone  leads. While it is free, companies that do well with…

24 days ago

Tailoring Your Branding Strategy Based on the Influencer

If your goal is to partner up with influencers in your market, it’s ideal to tailor your message to their audience. While it is definitely easier to create a general customization based on multiple groups of audiences, it really does pay to tailor your message to each audience. In this case, you will want to tailor your brand to that audience to get the maximum ROI from your marketing campaigns. The challenge is in changing your branding strategy to suit each audience. To really get an idea of how to tailor your brand, you have to really study the audience you are creating a campaign for. Try to find what brands they are fans of and the reasons why they like those brands. Listen in on forum conversations and social media posts to learn what they are looking for. Just keep in mind that tailoring your branding does not mean…

1 month, 3 days ago

Monetizing Your Digital Content

With a sharp focus on content strategy and the reach of digital advertising, right now brands are at a great advantage to be able to position themselves to many users, increasing their market share exponentially. Linear advertising in the way of banner ads and pop ups via sale by click are no longer the preferred method as consumers have become bombarded with the noise of content that is not relevant to them. This is where the content marketing stream comes in. Marketers must shift their view to new ways to engage their users, and leveraging their content strategy for sales is key. Viewing content marketing as not only a way to communicate with consumers, but using it as an alternative to standard advertising is an emerging and effective platform to implement. A way to organically engage consumers, content marketing allows a brand to truly resonate their message with a user…

1 month, 6 days ago

Creating A More Agile Brand Through Content Strategy

Content is vital to designing the foundation for which a brand can begin to be followed and trusted. It’s why people come to websites in the first place and really the only reason why they might ever return. A truly effective content strategy shares information with consumers to help them improve their lives. It’s become increasingly clear that content is the cement that helps build an organization’s infrastructure and keeps the house from falling down. Brands, bloggers and businesses are constantly singing the praises of content marketing and how it can support a brand, but the crux of the issue is that few seem to truly understand what it is, what its main goals are, and at the base of it – how to go about developing an effective and sustainable plan around it. Because the prevalence of content strategy is growing, there is no hard and fast formula to employ – yet. However, it’s important to know that content is about more than…

1 month, 15 days ago

5 Tips for Boosting Conversion Rates Through Video

A solid content strategy, site architecture and usability testing can do incredible things for user engagement and conversion to create this connection, however, the scales are tipping for some toward a more interactive environment. The most effective experiential application to cultivate this connection, is the use of the moving image. As video becomes more and more prevalent through the immediate use of mobile phones with quality results and taking into consideration that video is popping up in over half of the top 100 search results listings – it’s become increasingly clear that this platform is an important part of a digital marketing strategy that will only continue to gain traction. We’ve extolled the virtues of visual storytelling across various platforms, and briefly touched on the use of video – here we go into detail on the specifics of how best to create engagement through this powerful application. Build a video strategy as you would a business plan…

1 month, 29 days ago

How to Promote a Culture of Content in Your Company

Content marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies today because of the fact it helps with your branding initiatives, accelerates your SEO campaign, and helps you build an audience. For this reason, many companies opt to set up a team solely to implement this strategy. But it shouldn’t be just limited to such a team. Promoting a culture of content can help generate great ideas, increase production, and new strategies. You can start this by encouraging everyone to contribute and allowing anyone to contribute. Get rid of the perception that one needs to be a great writer to write a great piece or that one needs to have some kind of qualification as an expert. With that said, make sure that you create some guidelines so that everyone creates within the right publishing standards. You can really get this going by getting all the employees to blog and…

3 months, 11 days ago

Intelligent Analytics: Making Big Data Work

Understanding user behavior in the digital environment is paramount to refining and optimizing a marketing strategy or new implementation. Through smarter analytics, a business can make decisions based on a user’s true wants and needs – delivering a more controlled and authentic experience. With the ability to gather data, equipped with these intelligent insights, the optimal technology can be implemented to achieve the ideal approach to a digital strategy – transforming big data into smart data. Predictive Analytics A traditional predictive analytics approach, also known as ‘forecasting’, is sufficient in giving key metrics, such as the number of active users, drop-off rates, and demographic breakdown. Predictive analytics uses historical data, allowing businesses to influence the future, by making customized predictions and using predictions to drive decisions. Adaptive Analytics The application of adaptive analytics is the next step in smarter analytics. Because nothing can truly predict the future, adaptive analytics comes in to…

4 months, 15 days ago

Content Strategy: Crafting Shareable Messaging

In the current digital landscape, content strategy has become the name of the game, and shareability is one of the most important aspects for a content marketing strategy to gain traction. The challenge comes in formulating relevant content in a manner that makes people take note, and become involved – ultimately opening your message up to their circle by sharing it with their community. There is no magic bullet in creating a viral campaign, but a few strategic approaches can take some of the guesswork out of how to position content to a wider audience. Headlines A title that will draw in your user is the best first place to start. A line that stands out draws people to read more. Though perhaps overdone, but statistically backed – the approach of a numeric list, such as ’10 Ways to…’ or ‘The Secret of…’. These titles tease and pique interest. Length Craft your content in a…

4 months, 19 days ago

5 Reasons to Use Visual Storytelling for Web, Print and Marketing

There is a rising trend of using visual storytelling to sell products, educate consumers, and connect with audiences. This comes as no surprise as visual elements make content pop to eyes in a way that text alone simply cannot. While visual storytelling is pretty common in the digital medium, it’s not used as much in other marketing channel. If you haven’t used visual storytelling or have only used it in a limited manner, here are five reasons why you should increase its usage it in all mediums. Reason #1: You Can Convey Complex Concepts in a Simple Manner Sometimes, it can be difficult to convey complex concepts to an audience. For example, how do you explain that your headphones feature a technology that produce a crisper yet balanced sound? With the use of visual aids and short explanations, it will be people to understand the concept and even buy into…

4 months, 23 days ago

5 Drivers for Connection through Content

Experiential engagement comes first. We have to like the way something looks, smells, sounds or tastes to be be drawn in for more. To that end, good content is guided by a thoughtful and intentional desire to help a user flow through a meaningful experience – this is where content is the driver for the long game. With a focus on unique benefits, key goals and objectives, the strategy is driven by crafted content that is meaningful and measurable. Successful content creation will create engagement. The more content that is produced – and the more time that is spent honing and editing – the more engagement opportunities will present themselves. Creating useful content specifically tailored to an audience that is already listening will convince and convert an audience that is more than likely already privy to the brand at hand. Developing and delivering a steady stream of useful content will…

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